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We Are Offering Great Rates On Our…

Mercy Federal Credit Union is offering APR as low as 2.9% for qualifying borrowers for a limited time only on new and used auto loans. Make sure to take advantage of these interest rates by stopping by and applying for a loan today! Also while you’re in the office, ask one of our member service representatives about taking our auto loan survey. Mercy Federal Credit Union is in the process of surveying members in order to understand their knowledge about our Auto Loan process and what areas we can improve in in regards to servicing your needs.

Save For Children’s College Educati….

mercy_2hgqlgoMercy Federal Credit Union is proud to announce a new student loan opportunity. This loan is available to our members attending college, members with children attending college, as well as member’s family members. With the Smart Option Student loan from Sallie Mae in partnership with Mercy Federal Credit Union, you can choose from three in-school repayment options to help you pay off your loan faster and save money compared to the conventional private loan. For any questions please give us a call or check out the website for more information.

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Are You a Young Adult …

Are you a young adult who is hesitant about managing your money?


Don’t worry! Information Edge and CUHQ are two websites young adults can access in order to stay current on all of the latest financial news.

 Click the links below to see what each website has to offer!

Information Edge & CUHQ

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